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Symbols and Objects

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The Rheingold

The three Rhine-daughters guard the gold that alternately "sleeps" and "wakes" on the bottom of the Rhine. They claim that one who forswears all love may forge a ring that will grant that person command of the world.


Design for Valhalla by Jason Airey for Sc 2


Valhalla is the new residence of the Gods - a castle they are just about to move into. It was built for them by the giants Fafner and Fasolt – in return for the goddess Freia. According to Wotan, this castle will protect the gods' honour and secure their power.


from this Gold - and that the one, who keeps this Ring can win all riches and powers of the eart

Wotan's Spear

The king of Gods, Wotan rules through treaties. These treaties are as runes carved into his Spear - thus the Spear shall protect these treaties.

Golden Apples

Freia alone grows these Apples - and she shares generously with the other gods. The golden Apples of Freia secure the gods' eternal life and eternal youth.


This is a magic helmet, forged by Mime by order from his brother, Alberich. He that wears Tarnhelm can be invisible or take on any form or figure.