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II Trovatore Dick Whittington Jazz Cambridge Bones National Portrait Gallery
Quartz Festival Mossbourne Academy Brentfield Primary School My Country 2007 Pat Hollister – The Opera

II Trovatore


Participating schools Bonner Primary School, Globe Primary School, Columbia Primary School, John Scurr Primary School, Bigland Green Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, Canon Barnet Primary School, Bangabandhu Primary School, Blue Gate Fields Primary School, Osmani Primary School.
Animateurs James Redwood, Suzi Zumpe, Sophie Grimmer, John Barber, Sam Mason, Rachel Fisher, Zoe Palmer,  Tyrone Landau
Artists Marie Vassillou (Leonora), David Curry (Manrico), Robert Davies (Count di Luna), Marie Angel (Azucena), Howard Moody (Music Director), Annabel Lee (Designer), Nicolas Ameil (Lighting Design).
Supporters Lynn Foundation; City of London; Headley Trust; Andor Trust; The Mercer’s Company; The Foyle Foundation: Garfield Weston Foundatio;, The Goldsmiths’ Company; D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust;


A project established by Children’s Music Workshop, the II Trovatore opera project worked intensively with 20 classes of year 3 & 4 children from 10 Tower Hamlet primary schools.

The project involved INSET for teachers, introductory sessions for children in school (workshop leaders explaining the storyline and teaching audience participation songs), professional interactive performances of II Trovatore at the Brandy Centre, creative writing exercises with teachers inspired by children’s visits to the theatre, compositional workshops, performances by children of their own mini-versions of the opera to their own and neighbouring schools.

“We absolutely loved the project. James and David were excellent to work with. We all felt a sense of loss when it finished. A very high standard achieved!”

Teacher Mayflower Primary School

“I have been involved in countless school trips and projects over the five years I've teaching and this is easily most worthwhile and beneficial for the children! Thanks again!”

Teacher from John Scurr Primary School

“The production was a triumph and one hopes that it will be remembered in years to come by at least some of the audience as the occasion when they realise how enthralling opera can be.”

Michael Tanner in The Spectator


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Dick Whittington


Participating Schools 10 Tower Hamlets’ schools: Bonner Primary School, Globe Primary School, Bigland Green Primary School, Bygrove Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, Canon Barnet Primary School, Bangabandhu Primary School, Blue Gate Fields Primary School, St Luke’s Primary School, Osmani Primary School.
Animateurs Zoe Palmer, Suzi Zumpe, Natalie Raybould, Francesca Matthews, Jack Ross and Tom Attwood
Composer John Barber
Performance Venue St. Mary le Bow Church in the City of London – where the bells ring that determine ones Cockney identity
Supporters Lynn Foundation; City of London; Headley Trust; Andor Trust; The Mercer’s Company; The Foyle Foundation: Garfield Weston Foundatio;, The Goldsmiths’ Company; D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust;


Dick Whittington was a Stories that Sing, originated by Children’s Music Workshop as a rolling education music project designed to build children’s music and literacy skills. The 2007 project was devised to work with 660 children between 8 and 9 years old belonging to 10 different schools from Tower Hamlets and was planned in three different stages corresponding to each school year term.

Term 1:  a story teller presented the story of ‘Dick Whittington’ focusing on inspiring children to create musical responses to the characters, terms and narrative of this traditional tale and to explore the wider theme of historical London. Then, CMW musicians worked with the children to compose and create work in response to different aspects of the story and its themes. Term 2: focused on skills development. Musicians worked with the children to develop their singing and performing skills, not only aiming to develop the classes’ basic music skills i.e. pitch, rhythm, tempo etc. but also to develop their confidence in performing. Term 3: consisted of workshops preparing for the project finale. This took place at Mary le Bow Church and involved the coming together of all the participating schools for a gala performance. Composer John Barber was specially commissioned to write a new piece for this project. Each participating school contributed their own songs to John Barber’s commission.

"Even a child you wouldn't have thought would have had the confidence during Literacy, was dancing and singing and she knew every single action!”

Teacher. Bigland Green School


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Participating Schools Hanover Primary School, Islington; Peter Hills Primary School, Southwark; Albion Primary School, Southwark; Holloway Secondary School, Islington; Hugh Myddelton Primary School, Islington; Laycock Primary School, Islington; Moreland Primary School, Islington; Prior Weston Primary School, Islington; Tufnell Park Primary School, Islington; Torriano Primary School, Islington; St George’s Cathedral Primary School, Southwark; Grange Primary School, Southwark; St Jude’s Primary School, Southwark; Crawford Primary School, Southwark; Lyndhurst Primary School, Southwark; and Rotherhithe Primary School, Southwark.
Animateurs/performers Paul Griffiths, Sean Randle, Pete Letanka, Nathan Thomson, John Miles and Natalie Williams
Supporters EPIC; Cripplegate Foundation.


Paul Griffiths and the players of CMW’s Blue Pepper Jazz band performed and ran workshops in 6 Islington, 6 Hackney and 6 Southwark primary schools based on composers such as Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Each group of schools came together for a performance of their own composition and improvised with the band.


To see photos of this project in action, click on the icon below

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Cambridge Bones


Participating School/s St. Paul’s CE Primary School, Cambridge.
Animateurs/performers Pete Letanka, Francesca Matthews, Dan Ecclestone
Supporters St. Paul’s School PTFA, Landgraf Trust
Venue Perse School for Girls


Music Platform, over a whole academic year, devised with St. Paul’s School, Cambridge, a whole-school, composition, music, writing, design and drama project based on a scientific Cambridge theme, which involved parents, pupils and teachers devising songs on scientific, bone-related  themes that were made into a new ‘opera’ alongside a singing training for teachers. Performances were held at the new performance hall at the Perse School for Girls.


To see photos of this project in action, click on the icon below

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National Portrait Gallery


Participating Schools Launcelot Primary School, Southbank International School, Atheleny Primary school, Glebe Primary School, St. Mary and St. Michael’s Primary School, St. Edwards Primary School, Bigland Green Primary School and Wellington Primary School.
Animateur/s Pete Letanka, Francesca Matthews, Paul Griffiths, Cameron Sinclair


Two, two-week residencies were held at the gallery during the year with over 400 children taking part in composition and performance workshops inspired by key paintings in the gallery’s collection.


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Quartz Festival


Participants 80 children and young people from Queen’s College, Taunton.
Performers Simon Masterton Smith as Gianbaptista Ravanelli (bass-baritone), Olivia Ray (mezzo soprano), Natalie Raybould (soprano), Johnathan Gale (piano).
Animateurs Olivia Ray, Mark Tinkler.
Performance Venue Queens Hall, Queens College, Taunton, Somerset.


An Italian evening with operatic highlights and a special performance of Opera Hotpot with Signor Ravanelli with pizza and wine for the audience. Young people from earlier workshops took part in the concert.


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Mossbourne Academy


Workshops and performances based around the interactive presentation Opera Blocks were undertaken with pupils from Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, London. 


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Brentfield Primary School


Participants 180 children from years 4, 5 and 6 from Brentfield Primary School.
Partners BrentfieldPrimary School.


Workshops and performances of children’s compositions based on WW2 themes took place with over 200 year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children from Brentfield Primary School in North London.


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My Country 2007


Participants PoolesPark Primary School



EPOC workshop leaders worked with Year 5 children over a term on the cross-curricular theme of ‘My Country’ a topic that the school, as part of the creative pathways project, were piloting.

To see photos of EPOC’s work at Pooles Park School, click on the icon below:


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Pat Hollister – The Opera


Participants 230 children from Fleet School in Camden plus teachers, staff, parents and governors.
Composer and Librettist Duncan Robertson
Performance Venue CamdenGirls School


Fleet School commissioned an opera to celebrate the retirement of their Headteacher.

“The most extraordinary thing about it is that I didn’t know anything about it. The first time I realised was when some children took me upstairs and the press were there, then Lesley Garrett appeared. I didn’t realise at first the children were all dressed up as me. After working at the school for 22 years I was stunned that they could arrange such a sophisticated event. I was just so proud of the children, it sounded absolutely fantastic.”

Pat Hollister quoted in the Camden New Journal


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