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Cinderella Don Giovanni London Bones Sing Op Hertfordshire On the Rim of the World
Simon Keenlyside Dr. X. Plorer Maamulaha Christmas Concert Poolestonbury  


There were two strands to the project:

‘Performance’ Cinderella.

In four ‘steps’ class-sized groups of children were prepared for performances (in costume, on stage with professional opera singers and orchestra) at the theatre. Project culminated with children’s participation in professional performances of Cinderella at the Cochrane and Unicorn Theatres.

‘Creative’ Cinderella

In five ‘stages’, class-sized groups of children, taking professional performances of EPOC’s Cinderella as their inspiration, went on to create their own versions of Cinderella to perform in school. A unique collaboration between artist, teacher and pupil.




16,000 children from Active Learning Childcare - Crouch End • Active Learning Childcare - Fulham • Active Learning Childcare - Kingston • Active Learning Childcare - North Finchley • Active Learning Childcare - West Hampstead • Aldersbrook Primary School • The Children's House Upper School • Clapton Girls Technology College • Cleveland Junior School • Daubeney Primary School • Featherstone Primary School • Fielding Primary School • Fortismere School • Hawley Infants • Highgate Primary School • Jubilee Primary School • Malmesbury Primary School • Melcombe Primary School Morningside Primary School • Nightingale Primary School (Hackney) • Nightingale Primary School (Haringey) • North Haringey Primary School • Northumberland Park Community School • Old Ford Primary School • Parkwood Primary School • Pooles Park Primary School • Rachel Keeling Nursery School • Rhodes Avenue Primary School • St John Evangelist RC School • St John of Jerusalem CE Primary School • St Lukes CE Primary School •St Paul's & All Hallows Infant & Junior Federation • Stepney Greencoat Primary School • Stormont House • Tetherdown Primary School • Tyssen Community School • West Acton Primary School • Weston Park Primary School William Patten Primary School • Wood End Infant School
Participants (Performance) Melcombe Primary School, Arnhem Wharf Primary School, City of London Academy, Chisenhale Primary School, Lawdale Junior School, Wolf Fields Primary School, Blue Gate Fields Primary School.
Partners Cochrane Theatre; Unicorn Theatre, London.
Animateurs Lee Crockford, Ross Bolwell-Williams, Louise Leonard, Luke Rogers, Liz Drabble, Emma Huet, Charlotte White, Claire McKenna, Maggie Cooper, Jennifer Rhodes, Heather Tomala; Omar Shahryar; Ben Glasstone; Tim Watts; Andrea Possee.
Placement Students Suzanne L'Ortye, Lamis Harper, Nina Hammerberg, Jessie Holder, Egle Obuoline
Prop Sponsors Marchioness of Cholmondeley (Cinderella’s slippers); Holly Stout (Prince Ramiro’s roller and the Fairy Godfather Wings); Stuart Howard    (Cinderella’s veil and Clorinda’s Pipe); Lady Aline Cholmondeley (The Moon); Anon (Aldioro’s Thunder Effects); ‘Budgies Budget Bins, for all your cheap wines’ (Don Magnifico’s 30 wine samples); Annie Bradley (The Choristers Music); Brig. Naunton Trussed-Nethers (Don Magnifico’s Corset); Mr. ands Mrs. N. Brown (Cinderella’s Cleaning Products); Sophie and Will Davies    (Congratulatory Champagne); Gideon Brazil (Ugly Sisters’ Night Cream); Lynette Gillman (Maestro Magnus’ Baton).
Supporters Peter Moores Foundation; The Headley Trust; Garfield Weston Foundatio;, The Goldsmiths’ Company; D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust; City of London; Foundation for Sports & the Arts.


Cinderella (also known as Angelina)
Daughter of Don Magnifico by his first wife.
Olivia Ray

Don Magnifico

father of
Cinderella, Tisbe and Clorinda

Deryck Hamon


Cinderella’s stepsister.

Ee Ping


Cinderella’s stepsister.

Maria Jones

Don Ramiro

The Prince.

Stephen Anthony Brown


Prince’s valet.

Giles Davies


Philosopher and former tutor to the Prince

Simon Masterton Smith

Music Director,

orchestral arranger and Pianist

Magnus Gilljam
Stage Managers

Bernd Fauler, Katie Christ,

Jenny Frost

Choreographer Glen Snowden
Set and Costume Designer Annabel Lee
Director Mark Tinkler
Lighting Designer Adam Carree
Cello Vanessa Lucas Smith
Clarinets Helen Paskin
Horn Kai Hoffman


"EPOC's Rossini's Cinderella is a great way to get young people interested in opera, it is brilliant to see their hard work pay off and I have never seen opera receive such wild applause."


"Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon's entertainment - I loved it!!!!!!! The design and costumes were stunning - it was beautiful to watch as well as hear. Thank you!!!!"

Parent attending matinee performance

"I loved doing this project. It was really fun and well organised. The results were brill!"

Teacher Pooles Park Primary School

"The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had such a positive experience. All of our parents have commented about how wonderful you all were with the kids."

Teacher. Rhodes Avenue Primary school

"Involving the children in the choruses worked really well as did the onstage choruses from different schools. I particularly enjoyed the dancers at the ball."

Teacher. West London Academy

"The costumes were great, the production was excellent … thank you once again. It’s a fabulous opportunity for the children."

Teacher The Children’House Upper School

"The whole experience was fantastic. The children were really captured by the whole day. Very good for team work. I’m sure it is always something they will always remember. Thank you!"

Teacher. Tyssen Community School

"The children were fully involved in the learning process and felt ownership of it. The children felt proud of their achievement. It was absolutely fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved."

Teacher. Weston Park Primary School

"They really enjoyed the Waltz – even when we had 20 [yr 6] boys in our class. Thanks for making it such a fun, professional and rich experience."

Teacher. Tetherdown Primary School

"Our star on the day is autistic – he loved being on the stage – I will now encourage this with his parents. The whole opera was great fun for him."

Teacher. Tyssen Community School

"Well we had the opera performance this morning which the whole of KS2 watched.  They LOVED it. I now have half the children in my class humming!"

Teacher. St. John Evangelist School

"These projects are so good for taking our children way outside anything they would ever think of and many of them do feel they are opera singers!"

Teacher. Morningside Primary School

"The whole school was in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the staff even went so far as to say it’s the best assembly performance we’ve ever had – and we have quite a few!"

Teacher, Stormont House (SEN School)

To see some pictures of EPOC’s Cinderella Project click the icon below

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Don Giovanni


Participants 600 x year 5 & 6 children from 10 London Borough of Tower Hamlets primary schools: Columbia, Osmani, Bigland Green, Canon Barnett, Bangabandhu, Globe, Redlands, Mayflower, Blue Gate Fields, Bonner.
8 x 3rd year students from the Central St. Martin’s BA Theatre Design for Performance course
Partners Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, Cochrane Theatre
Animateurs Dan Ecclestone, Ross Power, Heather Tomala, Omar Shahryar, Oscar Wood
Performers Wyn Pencarreg (Don Giovanni); David Wolosko (Leporello); Ronald Nairn (Il Commendatore and Masetto); Catriona Clark (Donna Anna / Zerlina); Rebecca von Lipinski (Donna Elvira);
Artistic Team Ian MacKenzie Thurley (Performance Director); Magnus Gilljam (Musical Director); Mary Pope (Lighting Designer); Juliette Digonnet, Illaria Dintinosante, Ellie Fritsche, Samal Nielsen, Myro Wulff, Faustine Leferbe, Sofie Salfelt, Sun Ji (Designers).
Supporters Lynn Foundation; City of London; Headley Trust; Andor Trust; The Mercer’s Company; The Foyle Foundation: Garfield Weston Foundatio;, The Goldsmiths’ Company; D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust;


A project which used an abridged, interactive performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni followed by workshops to inspire the creation and performance of children’s own operas. The project included a partnership with The Cochrane Theatre, Central St. Martins College (part of the University of the Arts London), design students and secondary school pupils.

Don Giovanni at the Cochrane

Promenade performances with 5 singers, 7 scenes and 7 designers from Central St. Martin’s (CSM) Stage Design Course at the Cochrane Theatre directed by writer and director Ian Mackenzie-Thurley. The entire theatre was used as a performance space, including the proscenium stage, foyer & bar area, paint floor, workshop and loading dock. This allowed the designers from CSM to showcase their talents in individual scenes throughout the theatre.

Don Giovanni Elsewhere

CSM mounted simultaneous productions of other theatrical works based on the Don Giovanni legend including Don Juan (Tirso de Molina) and Don Giovanni of Soho (Patrick Marber).

Don Giovanni at the Brady Centre

Performances for schools at the Brady Centre in Whitechapel.

Don Giovanni in schools

EPOC animateurs and CSM 3rd year students and recent graduates helped Tower Hamlets schools compose, write and design their own operas which were then performed in schools.


To read more about our work with Central St. Martin’s see EPOC and CSM in the Partners section of the website.

To see some pictures of EPOC’s Cinderella Project click the icon below


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Participants 450 children from 15 classes at Bluegate Fields, Canon Barnet, Bonner, Bigland Green, Osmani, Redlands, Globe Primary Schools – all in Tower Hamlets, London.
Partners Museum of London (Central and Docklands sites)
  • Education dept
  • London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre and Centre for Human Bioarchaeology at the Museum of London

Lloyds Community Programme (a team of volunteers from Lloyds of London)

Animateurs Dan Ecclestone, Ross Power, Olivia Ray, Heather Tomala, Andrea Possee, Jack Bicker, Ian McKenzie-Thurley
Performers Olivia Ray, Dan Ecclestone and his band,


This project, which has been developed over 10 years in East London, was for primary schools where English is a second or third language for the majority of children. It was a year-long project, designed to develop enthusiasm amongst participants for literacy and language through the sister arts of music and song.

This 2009 project, entitled ‘London Bones’, was an innovative blend of the arts and science, that started with trips for all participants to the Museum of London to see real Tudor and Roman skeletons, Through scientific investigation and the support of local professionals, children built up a picture of how the bones came to be buried in Tower Hamlets, who the individuals were, how and when they lived, how they died, how old they were, what they ate etc. With the help of Music Platform composers, children will they created scenes from an opera that tells the story of their discoveries.

Their work, together with new additional compositions by Dan Ecclestone and Ian Mackenzie-Thurley, were premièred over two days at the Museum of London Docklands in June 09 in the form of a promenade through the ages and galleries of the museum.

"Just wanted to say thank you for getting us involved in the last two days with the children and the singing, it was great fun and Adam and I thoroughly enjoyed the songs, the children’s performances and being able to take part. It was bonetastic! You all worked so hard and amazing logistics in and about the museum. Good luck with the next theme and hopefully the museum will be involved again. Best Wishes from the crypt!"

Research Osteologist, Centre for Human Bioarchaeology. Museum of London Jelena Bekvalac

"I thought the whole project was excellent – the songs themselves were brilliant, excellent lyrics and music. You could see the children were really enjoying themselves and I really believe this type of work is one of the best ways to get children to think about history and undoubtedly they will remember facts from the lyrics for far longer than just a visit to a museum. Congratulations once again and all the best for future projects."

Curatorial Assistant,LAARC. Museum of London. Adam Corsin

"I would just like to say thank you for helping the museum days run so smoothly, and for encouraging us to use the museum spaces in wondrous ways! I really enjoyed seeing how the performances come together, and was really impressed with everyone's hard work and enthusiasm. I'm sure the museum would be interested in working with Music Platform on future projects. Thanks again, and best of luck"

Schools Officer, Museum of London. Amanda Shamoon

To see some pictures of EPOC’s Cinderella Project click the icon below

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Sing Op Hertfordshire


Participants 450 children from 6 schools in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire having more detailed work: Sir Frederic Osborn Secondary School, Panshanger Primary School, Watchlytes Primary School, Swallowdell Primary School, Harwood Hill Primary School and Springmead Primary School.
Partners Hertfordshire Music Service, Sir Frederic Osborn Secondary School.
Animateurs Singing animateurs from Hertfordshire Music Service working with Music Platform
Performers Deryck Hamon, Olivia Ray, Magnus Gilljam


A ‘transition phase’ music project with Sir Frederic Osborn School in Welwyn Garden City and five of its principal feeder primary schools supported by ‘National Challenge School’ funding from the Sir Frederic Osborn School. The project was based around the genre of opera; singing, dancing, stage craft etc and involved:

  • EPOC-led training for Hertfordshire Music Service singing animateurs;
  • EPOC-led twilight CPD sessions for teachers;
  • two Herts singing animateurs working with Year 5 & 6 students and teachers for five 1 hour sessions;
  • Sir Fred’s music teacher incorporating project work with all 150 year seven children;
  • Steps to the Palace, EPOC’s ‘opera-building’ interactive presentation, performed in all 6 schools for 1000 children in total; and
  • two, Cinderella-themed concerts at Sir Fred’s involving EPOC, the massed choir from the five primary schools involved, Herts Singing Leaders, Sir Freds year 7 and 8.

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On the Rim of the World

Eight British opera companies including English National Opera, English Pocket Opera Company, English Touring Opera, Glyndebourne, Opera North, the Royal Opera House, Scottish Opera and Welsh National Opera have come together to commission a brand new choral theatre work especially for young singers. The new work, On the Rim of the World, was composed by Orlando Gough with lyrics by Jehane Markham.  

The joint commission reflected a commitment by all the companies involved to promote the enjoyment of singing, to invest in repertoire suitable for young voices, and to support the strategic aims of the Music Manifesto developed by DCSF and DCMS in collaboration with music organisations, arts and education practitioners and the music industry.

The ambition is that the commission, and the subsequent performances by the individual companies along with all performances into the future, will help to demonstrate that singing is one of the most culturally diverse and adaptable art forms and can be enjoyed by people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities.

The commission has been supported by the Paul Hamlyn Education Fund. The first performance took place at the Royal Opera House.

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Simon Keenlyside
Fundraising Recital

Jan 15th 2009

Internationally renowned operatic baritone Simon Keenlyside CBE, took a break from his European song recital tour (London, Vienna and Madrid) to fit in a concert in aid of EPOC at Cambridge’s West Road Concert Hall on January 15th 2009. Together with renowned pianist Martin Martineau he performed a programme of Schumann’s Dichterliebe and songs by Faure, Ravel and Debussy.

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Dr. X. Plorer

Sing Op Hertfordshire


Participants 90 children from 3 x yr ½ classes from Drayton Park School
Partners A New Direction (Creative Partnerships)
Animateurs Ross Bolwell-Williams, Lee Crockford
Performers Deryck Hamon, Olivia Ray, Magnus Gilljam


EPOC developed a project at this school in partnership with A New Direction (Creative Partnerships). Designed for three year 1 and year 2 classes to explore the cultures of the three main ethnic groups in the school it focussed on Somalia, Bengal and Turkey (esp Kurdish Turkey). The teacher interim report included this appraisal:

"Loads of learning going on - the kids are able to talk about these countries confidently using the games and activities to help them remember facts about each place. They have also learnt some key skills, such as map skills, speaking and listening, drama, new vocab, new languages and team work skills. The children that are from the 4 countries have shown huge amounts of enthusiasm when we have learnt about their country. They love using their language and some looked truly amazed when they knew the song in Turkish and the whole class was singing it! The whole class has worked well in groups and altogether as a class. Many of the quieter kids have become more involved and seem to really enjoy the sessions. From a teaching point of view, its been great for us teachers to see the topic taught in such an imaginative and interesting way. Hopefully we can take many ideas from it to use in the future to make topics more engaging."

Drayton Park's yr 1 and 2 teachers


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Maamulaha Christmas Concert


Participants St. John Evangelist Primary School
Winton Primary School
New North Primary School
Pooles Park Primary School
Pooles Park Community Choir
Woodberry Down Community Choir
Moreland Primary School


A musical celebration with five schools from the Islington Maamulaha Network of schools in mid-December. A creative, collaborative event with 100 children from each school featuring performances from the Maamulaha songbook which includes sing-a-long songs and four 4 specially commissioned Christmas songs with words and tunes by children written with the aid of composer Pete Letanka.

Maamulaha Network: is a group of 10 Islington schools: New North Community School and Children’s Centre, St John Evangelist Primary School, Ashmount Primary School, Pooles Park Primary, Winton Primary School, Drayton Park Primary, Moreland Primary School, Robert Blair Primary, Christ the King RC Primary School, North Islington Nursery School and Children’s Centre. It is formally established as EIP with a constitution and has been praised for its innovative work by NCSL, the LEA and The Institute of Education.

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Participants All 300 children from Pooles Park Primary School
Animateur Lee Crockford


Poolestonbury – where Glastonbury met Pooles Park Primary School - provided every child at Pooles Park with an opportunity to perform something during the course of the afternoon of the 10th July in a variety of venues around the school. Three stages were set up – the Sun Stage, Tajine stage (for individually prepared acts) and the Garden Stage – the main stage – hosting the biggest ‘acts’. Parents brought picnics, and the music festival was complemented by a garden festival with the schools impressive allotment providing both vegetables and plants to buy. 

To read more about our work at Pooles Park see EPOC and Pooles Park in the Partners section of the website.

To see photos of EPOC’s work at Pooles Park School, including Poolestonbury, click on the icon below:


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